The international Zellhof team

Zellhof is an old estate that was restored by Scouts under the leadership of Monika and Adi Kronberger, to create a permanent international campsite, where for many years now, Scouts and Guides from many different nations have stayed.  

” The more you put in, the more you get out ! “

The motto of the Zellhof team

The duties of the team

  • When asked, help the groups with the organization of their camp: eg. shopping possibilities, hiking routes, excursions, international activities, etc.
  • Work on the site: working on the campsite, repairs, taking care of equipment, cleaning, refuse separation and disposal, etc.
  • Work in the shop: Selling badges, drinks, sweets, answering the telephone, giving out equipment etc.
  • Cooking: for the team and for special events.

The day at Zellhof

  • Every day in the team at Zellhof begins with breakfast together, during which the members choose their work tasks for the day.
  • We work on the rotation principle.  Everyone does every sort of work, and each time different people work together.  This is so all team members can get to know and learn from each other.
  • The team promotes contacts with and between the groups.  All team members are responsible for ensuring that the campsite rules are kept.

The combination of an out-going, friendly team, the beautiful location of the Scout village, and an exciting, social and international atmosphere promises fun days and long evenings. 

Becoming a team member

I want to be a team member: If you would like to work with us and are at least 18 years old, we would like to hear from you by an e-mail to As well as your name, date of birth and address, we would also like to know what you have done up to now, and why you would like to come.

German: The ability to speak German is a big plus, and if you cannot, then we expect you to try to learn with the help of the team.

The international Scouting village Zellhof: The internation Scouting village Zellhof is an active campsite. We would like that the groups are responsible for their own programme, through which they come into contact with other international groups.  The team does not take on a leadership role.  Each team member uses their own initiative and creativity to promote a positive atmosphere on the camp-site, and to bring our international guests into contact with each other.  There is a spirit of working together in a friendly way within the team and with the groups. 

International Team: With this experience, and with these newly learned skills, you will understand why so many people from the whole world come again and again to meet each other at Zellhof.

Please contact: Claudia Steinmetz,

European Scout Voluntary Programme (ESVP)