• The main camping area in summer
  • 30 000m2 camp area
  • Large parking area
  • The main field becomes a mini jamboree during the summer.
  • Groups camping here come from many different countries and organizations.
  • Groups should bring their own equipment and tents.
  • Construction and fire wood are included in the price.

Sanitary facilities

In the Rossstall there are large toilet facilities and washing rooms with hot and cold water separated for girls and boys for groups on the campsite. There is a  washing-up room as well. In the Waschhaus there are showers with hot water separated for girls and boys. Coins for the hot water are available for 0,50€ in the kiosk.


The 300 m2 hall is freely accessible for all and is suitable for all kinds of activities during bad weather (for example, table tennis tables are available here). This is also a place where you could  introduce your group and country.

Campsite kitchen

Campsite kitchen for rent with electric stove, sink, refrigerator, crockery and cutlery as required

Seminar room

Seminar room for rent, 70 m² ( also suitable as sleeping room)